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Our team will make the world of social networks easier for both blogger and subscribers. We understand what problems prevent the community from developing and are ready to present our platform now.

We will bring the blogger and subscribers closer with the help of innovative technologies. That is why we will use NFTs, to allow anyone to interact with their favorite bloggers.


Coming to us, bloggers receive a unique NFT personalized for them! The mascot will help to make communication with the audience more friendly to convey emotions on behalf of the brand.

Also, Smart Donation Coin will have a separate and unified mascot, which will be the key figure of the project.


The token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain network with a smart contract address of:


and called SDC

Bloggers have the opportunity to receive tokens for posting advertising tags, links and other advertising elements. Everyone can receive tokens for activities in social networks.


The token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain
network with a smart contract address of

  • 20%   — for the marketing
  • 20%  — for the DEX liquidity
  • 10%  — for the CEX listings
  • 5%  — of tokens are for the team
  • 5%  — are reserved for the further development
  • 10%  — for staking awards & Airdrops
  • 30%  — will be distributed to the joined bloggers


Smart Donation Coin

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Jul 23, 2022
Add liquidity to SDC/BUSD pool and earn up to 100% APY!
PancakeSwap Bonus + SDC Holder Bonus
up to 61% APY arrow-left arrow-right up to 39% APY

How to:

1. Deposit BUSD to your wallet
2. Buy SDC tokens on half of your BUSD deposit on PancakeSwa
3. Add liquidity to SDC/BUSD pool here
4. Enjoy 100% APY
Read how to add liquidity on PancakeSwap
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  • Q1, 2022

    • - Redesign
    • - Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram integration.
    • - Listing on the PancakeSwap
    • - Listing on index services
    • - Listings on CEX exchanges
    • - Facebook and Reddit integration
  • Q2, 2022

    • - Advertiser and Fan Portals
    • - TikTok Integration
    • - Live Chat integration
    • - Referral Program Launch
  • Q3,2022

    • - Donation Feature
    • - Android app
    • - Mystery Boxes feature
  • Q2,2023

    • - Blogger Rankings
    • - Donation Rankings
    • - Beta DAO Testing
  • Q1,2023

    • - BTC and altcoins payments integration
    • - NFT Marketplace
    • - iOS app
  • Q4,2022

    • - Listings on Tier-1 exchanges
    • - Alpha DAO Testing
    • - Twitch Integration
  • Q3,2023

    • - Wallet Launch
    • - Full Transition to DAO
  • Q4,2023

    • - Social Launchpad
    • - Influencer Agency Launch
  • Q1,2024

    • Metaverse Launch (Oculus Integration)
Donation Coin Ambassador Program: The Smart Way to Earn Money with Your Social Reach
Smart Donation Coin is looking for bloggers to join our exclusive ambassador program with high rewards
We are looking for ambassadors to join our army and promote SDC to the masses.
You will be our face and voice on the web and in the physical world.
Criteria to become an Ambassador:
20k+ Followers
Real, no fake followers & likes
Your voice is important
There are a number of benefits that go hand in hand with being an SDC ambassador:
SDC Tokens allocation:
We will allocate for you SDC coins in 1:5 ratio, where 5 is your active audience
Double Lifetime Profit:
You will receive double profit for life! Even from tasks by advertisers.
Please note that only the first 50 bloggers will be able to become ambassadors and receive double rewards life-time.

Our Partners

asked Questions

Who can join the program?

Any blogger on the Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Discrod platforms who have the minimum number of subscribers that are specified in the Whitepaper, can join the program.

Which platforms are supported?

At the moment, the following platforms are supported: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

Which platforms will be integrated in the future?

Social networks like Telegram and Tiktok will be added soon. The rest of the social platforms will be integrated depending on the wishes of the community.

For what reasons can the verification of my blog be rejected?

-Insufficient number of subscribers
-Didn't pass blog quality check

How can I use Smart Donation Token?

SDC is Smart Donation Coin’s native utility token and is used in the following functions:
Internal Currency: Means for settlements between participants in Smart Donation Coin's marketplace.
Staking: Stake SDC tokens to earn a percentage of platform revenues.
Member Rewards: By participating in internal activities on the platform, members can earn SDC tokens.
After the transitioning to DAO:
Governance: Participate in the governance process through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and vote on improvement proposals and platform developments (e.g. platform operations and development). Voter incentives will be introduced to encourage voter participation.

Will I get more tokens if I am a blogger on several platforms?

Yes, you will receive tokens for each of your blogs using our reward system

Does the team check the quality of the audience?

Yes, we check the quality of the audience using internal and external tools